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Gathers all exceptions thrown by ormar.

AsyncOrmException Objects

class AsyncOrmException(Exception)

Base ormar Exception

ModelDefinitionError Objects

class ModelDefinitionError(AsyncOrmException)

Raised for errors related to the model definition itself:

  • setting @property_field on method with arguments other than func(self)
  • defining a Field without required parameters
  • defining a model with more than one primary_key
  • defining a model without primary_key
  • setting primary_key column as pydantic_only

ModelError Objects

class ModelError(AsyncOrmException)

Raised for initialization of model with non-existing field keyword.

NoMatch Objects

class NoMatch(AsyncOrmException)

Raised for database queries that has no matching result (empty result).

MultipleMatches Objects

class MultipleMatches(AsyncOrmException)

Raised for database queries that should return one row (i.e. get, first etc.) but has multiple matching results in response.

QueryDefinitionError Objects

class QueryDefinitionError(AsyncOrmException)

Raised for errors in query definition:

  • using contains or icontains filter with instance of the Model
  • using Queryset.update() without filter and setting each flag to True
  • using Queryset.delete() without filter and setting each flag to True

ModelPersistenceError Objects

class ModelPersistenceError(AsyncOrmException)

Raised for update of models without primary_key set (cannot retrieve from db) or for saving a model with relation to unsaved model (cannot extract fk value).

SignalDefinitionError Objects

class SignalDefinitionError(AsyncOrmException)

Raised when non callable receiver is passed as signal callback.